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Hello All,

I have a 900NG convertible MY1995 automatic with 160,000 Miles (actually 260.000 kilometers but I have converted in miles). No alarm fitted. The car is well maintained and normally runs well and idles smoothly.

The problem is that every morning after a cold start the engine starts and idles well, but after 0.4-2 miles the engine starts to run less smoothly, gradually looses power and after 0.1-0.2 miles dies completely.
If I then restart the engine, it immediately starts and runs fine again. If I do not wait until the engine dies, but restart the engine at the beginning of the process of losing power, it also starts immediately and runs fine again, so it is not necessary for the engine to die before I can restart.
I can now even do this while driving: if i notice the engine starts losing power, I put gear selector in neutral, restart engine, put gear selector again in D and continue to drive without a problem. Not a happy and safe situation though.

It may happen a second time during the day, but this is not common.

The "check engine" light remains off during these problems.

Distributor, Rotor, Spark plugs, spark plug cables, CPS, LMM have all been exchanged for new. Not new yet but suspects I think are ignition coil, fuel pump, fuel pump relay and ECU. Not new but also not likely suspects in my view are O2 sensor and temperature sensors.

Does anyone have any suggestion? Does the fact that the Check Engine light is not on give any clue about the possible cause? Are there any parts I might need to exchange?

Thank you
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