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Hello Saabies,

I was recently called a Geeky Girl but my clothes are suggesting that I have turned into a Grease Girl! :roll: Glad I know how to solve that problem and the washing machine isn't bung!

My partner is back in Atlanta (overseas) sorting out family stuff and here I am in the land of Oz when the drought is breaking after 7 or 8 years. Now that winter is on it's way (the snow season has arrived 5 weeks early), we have had some dumps of rain only for me to discover that the "little red buggy" (1995 Saab 900 S Hatchback) has a flooded driver's side footwell/floorboard. :(

We have moved from a house with garage to a appartment, so the poor LRB now lives a less celebrious, outdoor life and is exposed to the elements. :cry: I did notice this problem once before after Bug-a-Lugs returned from Sydney (60km) on a wet night, but I thought that it may have been splash-up of some description.

Obviously this is not the case as the foot-flood has returned! :x The car has not been driven, is parked on flat ground and the air-con has also not been used. My previous life kicked in (ex was a plant mechanic that hated working on cars and called on my smaller hands for help at times) and I collected my tool kits to find the problem.

I had a poke around, lifted the carpet, took off some panels (snapped some luggs) and have found that the water collects into the elbow shaped sponge/foam block (4 or 5 inches hight and deep, 2 or 3 wide) that sits on the hump-bump (for the drive train I assume) between the driver and passenger interior, all the way to the front of the interior against the body/engine bay divide. When saturated, gravity entices to the driver's side floor where there are no drainage holes to be found (because water shouldn't be there I guess!). I can squeeze the water out of the foam sponge as much as I can, but cant remove it, see past it or above it as to where the water is originating. :eek:

As we live in the Land of Oz and drive on the LHS, I am assuming that this is the passenger side of the vehicle prior to the conversion to Right Hand Drive as the indicators etc are set for Left Hand Drive (an interesting challenge as I alternate driving between my Rav4 blue buggy and his red buggy: no I didn't need the wipers, I am turning!) ;)

Popping the hood, I thought the problem might have been that a Saab mechanic (the thing has always gone back to the dealership) had kinked the windscreen/bulkhead elephant nose drainage hose into the engine bay behind some pipes and forgotten to release it. So I cleaned it all about, got the gunk out. Rain showers suggested wishful thinking. :eek:

Now I would have left it for the dealership service but with all the changes, the yard that has carried Saab for as long as I have known, no longer sell or service them. They were also extremely unhelpful about where I should take it ("Try Sydney" I was told!). I drove through a part of town that I rarely go to discover the newly relocated Holden (GM) dealership now has the Saab dealership. This means that the mechanics that would know where to look won't and the ones that will look probably don't know much about Saabs just yet. :roll:

So I hopped online, checked out some forums and took off the wipers and got into the false bulkhead (now I know why the ex hated working on cars: everything is so small and fiddly!), cleaned out the air intake filter and checked the rubber seating of the filter and all looked okay. Put it all back together but still mystified. Pulled it all apart again, this time loosened off the wiper drive to get to release the air-intake housing, checked the rubber seal which is somewhat compressed but not perfect (I wasn't either at 13!) but not enough gunk inside to suggest the flooded interior. So I gave it a good clean, a lick of sealer for good measure and put it all back together. Another good shower last night and I am now about to go crazy! :evil:

I have read several forums, including JHZR2's block of ice on this site and
B204Life's mysterious water leak on this site
89TC900's water leaks when rains on the site
but none seem to answer the same type of problem.

I know it isn't rocket science or brain surgery, but without pictures and schematics that I can't seem to find online, I am stuck up to the ankles. Would thoroughly appreciate any additional brain power out there in Saab-e-verse universe as how to solve this puzzle... and get the little red buggy back together before the Southern Boy (who can't change washers on a tap, pack or unpack when moving house, let alone anything else) gets back.

Thanks for your time to read,
Amanda the Newbie New Greasy Geek Girl!

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Impressive, quite the read. However, Amanda the newb Geek/Grease girl, as much as I would like to welcome you into the warm embrace of the C900 community, particularly since you seem to know a spanner from a socket, I'm afraid your 95 900 isn't a C900. :cry: I'm going to have to move this over to the GM900 community. :eek:

(have you checked the A/C drain though?)
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