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quick question for the glove box and stereo

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Just a quick question, I havn't checked, but does anyone think or tried to put a regular din car stereo in the glove box, don't ask why, but do you think if there is enough room? Thank you.
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Uh just look at it, I bet you could fit like 3 radios in the glove box.......................
Teck_II said:
Uh just look at it, I bet you could fit like 3 radios in the glove box.......................
It's by far the biggest glove compartment I've seen on any car, truck or SUV for that matter.
thanks, I was at work, and I have so much junk in glove box, I usually don't check.

I will post later in summer probably some more questions, I always have hard times getting +12V from somewhere to run certain things. Do you think I can get +12V and Ignition 12V in there?
enough room, easily...getting the 12v requires a direct line from the battery, and a drilled hole in the firewall. i was planning on keeping a slim ps2 in there...and it fits, easily
awsome, your ps2 idea, I did electrical vocational school before I went to college, I like playing with toys like that, but nothing expensive like other people do. I kept my blaupunkt mp3 radio out of my VW Golf, and wanna put it in the glove box and run the two empty speaker places in the rear, and some day hook up my game cube that I am getting when I graduate this summer.
maybe I change my mind to ps2, if I can fit both in there?!!
my gut feeling is, it will fit...

the trick is removing the ashtray, putting a small monitor there, hooking up the ps2 to the monitor, and the ps2 to aux in. good times :) dvd player, mp3 player, games...
I hate pimp my ride. That's why I go with the glove box, hidden!!

I looked at the glove box today, I don't like it that the inside, behind the door is too small. Meaning, that I can't install too much inside, don't want to rest things on the door.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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