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I was hoping someone might be able to offer a quick, clear yes or no. I've done some searching and learned a lot about the AS3 system I have in my 2004 9-5 Arc Wagon, but can't find the definitive answer on this:

- My son cranked the bass and blew the front door speakers. They are fine at low volume, but at decent volume they get flabby with low end. I can buy replacement speakers on eBay - the true 2ohm replacements. But I have some 4ohm speakers sitting unused in the garage - kicker and also alpine, both 4ohm.

Can I in fact load 4ohm speakers in the front doors and will the amp be comfortable driving them? I understand that the volume may be 3db lower, but the senitivity of the replacements might be higher. My main concern is that the amp doesn't heat up/burn out.

Can someone address this?

thank you.
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