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rja said:
According to the performance data on the Hirsch site

They claim 0-60 times for stock 9-3 2.0T as the following:
7.5s/9.0s for manual/automatic

However, after upgrading to either the 230HP or the 252HP version, the times improve to the following:

230 HP
6.9s/7.1s manual/automatic

252 HP
6.5s/6.6s manual/automatic

I find it very hard to believe that the 210 HP automatic takes 9 seconds to go from 0-60. Do you suppose that 9.0 seconds is really supposed to be 8.0s? Any thoughts?
I thought 8.1 for the auto, but I could be wrong...since I can't recall where I saw that statistic.

Out of curiousity though, have you or do you know of a US vendor for Hirsch products?
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