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I'm trying to determine an issue I've been having the last few days with my car.

2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T. 105K. Manual. Tuned by Mps

Under normal acceleration, everything is fine.
Under hard acceleration I start to lose power, appears that it stops revving any higher than the rpm I am already at. When I release the gas it goes back to normal but the blow off seems louder than usual. (My guess is the vacuum resealing)

No Check engine lights and no other issues. From what I've read online I think I have a vacuum leak somewhere.

Can anyone help me diagnose this? If this is the case, is it a difficult/costly fix?



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Sounds like a misfire. Try new plugs (NGK BPR7ES) first. If that doesn't work snag a coil and move it down the line to find the offending coil to replace. See the coil thread sticky to make sure you get the right coil.
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