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cliffnotes at bottom for those who dont like reading long post, hello everyone. im attempting to rebuild the clutch master cylinder from what ive read it seems pretty simple, the part i read about bleeding the clutch doesn't seem so simple. from what i hear there are 3 ways to bleed. this is semi-long again cliff notes at bottom.

1. old fashion way is to pump the clutch while opening and closing the bleeder nipple while keeping an eye on the fluid reservoir, some have said this worked although it takes a long time, some said the saab isn't set up to do this, personally im not really worryed about time frames im just trying to save money, one more thing is that i read the fluid reservoir has a separate compartment for the fluid to the clutch,

FIRST question: doing this the old fashion way, would you just pour more brake fluid into the tank and it would find its way into the separate compartment, or is there another way i would have to do this,

SECOND MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION: where exactly is the bleeder nipple located, probably a dumb question i know , i cant seem to find it, i've read vague things saying you have to find the slave and pull off some cap and its there, while the dude at o reillys said its under the dash.

2. using a pressure bleeder: i heard this way is the quickest and i kinda get how it works, i've heard people using it "wet" so that when you pump it, it replaces the fluid you drain, or to do it the "dry" method and just pump pressure and keep an eye on the fluid, which would add to the FIRST QUESTION above.

THIRD MORE MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION: how do i exactly "hook up" the pressure bleeder to the brake fluid reservoir: probably another dumb question, ive heard the terms bike tire, inserting it inside the cap, drilling a hole in the cap, or buying a cap designed for it(cant find it)

3rd. reverse method: i heard reverse bleeding also worked, but havent found much info on it, do you hook it to the brake reservoir the same way you would with the pressure bleeder or does it connect with the bleeder nipple

so far ive found a couple tools: mityvac(is this pressure or suction?), or the motive(pressure bleeder im pretty sure), the guy at the oreillys tryed to get the kit designed for clutch bleeding, but when he took a look at my car he starting telling me i'll need two and to hook up a funnel... and thats where he lost me, not a real big help

cliff notes:
1. where is the bleeder nipple located
2. how do you "hook up" a pressure bleeder to the brake reservoir
3. which method would you most suggest, again im trying to save money, but im not that profiecent at car knowledge so if i have to spend money in order not to mess up my car and leave it stranded, id rather spend extra.
4.on pressure bleeding would you use the "wet" or "dry" method

future thanks to those who can help there's alot of things breaking since ive bought this car, should have thought twice about what i was getting into, hopefully this will clear up questions for the other diy people
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