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Sorry didnt know any other way to get to Saab Central administration other than using the forum.

Working with a gentleman in Germany in an effort to set up a web page/forum/club for Viggen owners. Once all details are worked out I would like to post it's existence on Saab Central. Would a posting like that be permissible?


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SC specific Forum Terms & Conditions that were drafted and adopted by the moderators with the consent of the administration;

Potentially applicable T&Cs:

11.) Any gratuitous posts, basically only containing a link away from this site, will be removed immediately.
13.) Links to commercial websites are only allowed where they are in context with the relevant thread/post. Furthermore the link must be a 'Third-Party' recommendation only. Links to any other Saab websites are allowed when they are in context within the thread/post. The posting or use of images, graphics or avatars containing links to commercial websites, or any other type of advertisement, are expressly forbidden.
VerticalScope Terms of Use & Notices.

If the proposed new website does not charge a fee for membership, it is not a commercial activity requiring that posts referencing it be relegated to the Marketplace (classified advertising) forums.

Notwithstanding the somewhat all-inclusive appearing language of T&Cs 11 and 13 quoted above, I, for one, see no harm in the posting of an announcement of the existence of a new website/forum/club focusing on the Viggen models. Other moderators may feel differently, and a discussion among us may ensue regarding this should that come to pass.

Going forward, if you wish to contact administration and/or the moderation staff, you can try one of the following options.

To contact administration directly, use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of any page:

To contact a mod, simply PM one (members are supposed to be able to PM mods even if they have fewer than the 10 post minimum) or use the "report post" icon that appears as a red outlined white triangle containing a black exclamation point in the upper right hand corner of every post.
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