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The car: A 1991 c900 turbo with a questionable past. In low light it becomes apparent most body panels are slightly different shades of white. At 23k the odometer was replaced. Carfax shows it hasnt always been registered/inspected. Has 150k on the odometer now, an its my project snow car.

Taken this spring beside my stage 3 98 cse.

teh *** shot.

some weight reduction mods done this spring, found that the car doesnt have much in the way of rust. Bottoms of the doors are starting, an has some surface rust on the suspension. The supremely scientific philips screwdriver poke test ruled a-ok. I put the passenger seat back in.

Cleaned up the engine bay this weekend, shop vac'ed out the chipmonk nests, vinyl-x and brake clean on all the rubber and metal parts. Got rid of alot of caked oil and grease.

Work on the car is pretty much at a standstill waiting for a better shift linkage. The linkage which was in the car was badly bent causing the transmission to miss 5th and reverse. Reverse also likes to pop out. Hopefully between a better linkage and flipping the reverse fork this will be solved. If not I will need to source a used tranny.

The plans: (In no particular order)
  • Install rear louvers
  • restud hakka 1 snows an wait for the first snow storm
  • Megasquirt, today I pickedup a 3bar fpr and a set of injectors off a 93 cse at the junkyard
  • replace intake manifold and tb with 2.1L componets
  • install saabrally reenforced diff cover
  • Either a 9k IC, or a volvo 760 IC
  • replace vac lines with new rubber
  • replace oil in engine an trans
  • possibly flush coolant an replace thermostat
  • check belts
  • add brackets to secure one, maybe two full size tires in the hatch
  • get new headlights in
  • drive like a total asshat in the snow :p
  • compete in a ny lake george ice race.
Thats it! as more stuff goes on I will be sure to update the thread with more pictures an info.

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Lookin good. If I had the time and room I would have held onto that car. ;)
She's gonna be a looker.
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