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Proenium/reinoso ICM3 video interface

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Searching through the internet I have bumped onto a rather interesting project - an adapter fitted directly into ICM3 that would allow external device to output video to ICM3 screen made by user called reinoso (or proenium in other sites). Project is very old and probably abandoned, but I know as a fact, that some users of this forum were able to buy that thing to install and use in their cars. Now, as I could not contact the original creator I wanted to dig deeper - is there still anyone that in posession of such device and would be willing to share pictures for me to try and backwards engineer that stuff?

Link to the site with the board picture and brief description - Saab 93 OEM installation (Now running Android)

Link to the old thread where reinoso posted about the project on this forum - ICM3 video interface
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts