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I did research on the topic and want to make sure I know what I'm getting here. I have a 1995 9000 cs. I'll be getting a '94+ fpt ecu for sure, closest to a '95 that I can find, and then I need an apc solenoid. Do I also need the controller itself? I searched and found the solenoid which is the piece that hooks to the fan shroud that has three vacume tubes coming off of it. But when searching for apc on ebay, I found a box, looked like an ecu, but said it was an apc. Do I need the solenoid and the controller box? I already have an intercooler so I know I don't need that. Can someone clarify the apc for me? Thanks a lot.

The APC solenoid is controlled directly by the ECU.

As you've probably already noticed, the plug for the APC is already in place on the right hand side of the radiator (when viewed from the front).

Basically, the APC valve controls the opening of the wastegate via the actuator. It has 3 pipes and an electrical connector.

The electrical connector is plugged into the wiring on the rad, and the pipes go to the Actuator, the Turbo body and the Air intake pipe (from the air filter).

Diagram: 'R' goes to the air intake, 'W' goes to the wastegate and 'C' goes to the turbo body.

The APC uses pressures travelling through the pipes to determine when and when not to operate the wastegate therefore controlling boost levels.

If you have an FPT ECU, then get one of these to complete the system, but you don't need any additional controller. :cheesy:
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