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hello from Bolivia I really need help with my saab 900 T8 1984.
since two months ago I been having problems whit my car , when I start to drive my saab it runs fine, but five minutes later my car has really bad tugs it seems like my car whant to go on and there is no enough fuel delivery to the engine.
at the beginig I notice that and I dont put much interest beacuse it wasn't that bad, but now I cant even drive my car normally, my saab shakes more than and old washing machine.
the problem get worse when I press more the acelerator, i have to go really slow an whit constant aceleration to drive more than less acceptable.
when i press the acelerator my car has really bad shakes
my fuel pump sounds really noise, I m not shure if this is a problem of the fuel pump, it looks that works fine, but the fuel accumulater is leaking gasoline.
this problem is driving me crazy, mechanics in bolivia dont Know anything about saabs.
Im not sure wich part of my fuel system is failing could be anything, or could be other thing whit the engine i´m not sure?
lately my car turns off itself when Im in a Up hill, my car dosent have enugh sped to go on
I will aprecciate any help
PD: excuse for my bad english
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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