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Hey guys my 91 9000CS nearly spat its belt less than 200m from my house, started to fray and strip and was hitting the wheel well - limped it home.

It was on my to do list to get changed, and I guess that'll teach me a good lesson. :nono; Just wondering what a reasonable price is for one, I can only get them in NZ really since shipping is stupidly expensive from US/UK etc.

I've been quoted $133NZ dollars, so $100US - Thats a lot for a belt right guys? :confused:

Guess i've got no choice really, unless any kiwis have advice on where to get parts. It's from the genuine saab dealer in town who obviously put a 50% profit margin on everything..

I can however get the belt in an hour or two compared to ages for overseas and potentially more money. I tried eeurospares site and it was $30US odd for the belt and $80 for postage :eek:
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