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I have a 2000 9-5 Aero with the AS3 stereo, and I bought the CDConnect aux in from a while ago.

The aux input box switches off when the key is off and the stereo switches to the radio. How can I fix that?

Problem is, the CDConnect gets power from the cigarette lighter/12v power socket. When the engine goes off, the CDConnect turns off as well, but the stereo stays on and thinks that the CD changer is no longer connected. Therefore, it switches to the radio unless I turn it off first.

I know the radio has a different power circuit or it wouldn't be able to do that trick where it can turn on for an hour even with the ignition off. How can I get power to the CDConnect in a similar way so that the stereo remembers that I have an aux input?

Worst case scenario, I hard wire the CDConnect to power full-time, maybe with a switch to turn it off if I'm going to park the car for a few days. How long do you think that little device can run before it drains the battery? I would love to have an always-on aux input, but I want my car to start reliably more.
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