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I have a power steering leak; it seems to be coming from the hose that leads from the pump to the and along the underside of the car.

Along the left hand side if you are standing facing the car.

Is this a hard one to fix ?

Would I be better off getting the garage to do this?

I don’t have much experience of fixing cars but could no doubt do it but not if it takes up to much time.

Also while this is being done it would seem like a good Idea as the intercooler has to be taken out anyhow that it would be worth changing for a high flow performance one.

I have a stage 3 upgrade and the up rated intercooler would be a worthy up grade.

Does anyone preferably in the U.K know were I can get a suitable intercooler plus the pipes needed?

This is without the extra cost of going to someone like Abbotts ?

Thanks for your help (I hope)

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I've just changed one of those power steering pipes on 'project sensonic'.

Partsforsaabs do a good quality copy link here and I found it fitted quite well.

You'll need to get the grille and lamps off to allow bumper removal, from there it really helps to get the intercooler off to get a swing and the nut under the battery; hose removal is easier with the undertray panels removed too. Use a proper flare nut spanner for these nuts that connect the pipe.

Check you chassis number too, to get the correct PAS fluid.
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