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I just finished flushing the power steering fluid of the '96 9000 CSE that I recently bought. It wasn't too bad of a job to do using the quasimotors "how to".

I'd make one change to his procedure that'll help keep you from making a mess of your garage floor:

Before you remove the power steering fluid return line, you should empty the power steering reservoir using a turkey baster as best you can. This would be a lot easier than trying to catch the fluid as it comes out once you've pulled the line.

And, as others have mentioned, when flushing the power steering fluid, it comes out with enough pressure for the drain hose you've attached to come flying out of your gallon container unless you have it secured. If you have some spare cardboard to wedge into the container's mouth next to the hose that'll be enough to hold it. I suppose duct tape would work too. Otherwise be prepared to make a mess.
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