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Power Loss Tid

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Help!!! My 1998 (115hp - 150,000 km) 9-3 TDI seems to be lossing power - the acceleration seems around 70% of what it used to be and going up long hills on the moterway (starting at 120kph) i really start to lose momentium even with the foot to the floor.

Any suggestions??? Thanks
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I get the same.

I cleaned my MAF, MAP and EGR with carb cleaner which does help, but the acceleration at low revs is poor, acceleration up to 70mph not goos (I got burned off by a fiat punto on the motorway the other day) and yes, I loose speed/momentum on long climbes.

I was told to check the vacuum hoses for leaks, but there are so many that I dont know where to start.

My conclusions are that the engine is too weak for the weight of car. Once up to speed it cruises well, but acceleration is poor. Maybe its why Saab scrapped this engine.

I am seriously considering getting the engine chiped, or changing car, but I really dont want to loose my SAAB.:cry:
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