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my 05 9-3 1.9 8v diesel recently started loosing power and the EML came on. at first it was only occasional but now its constant. i started with a diy clean of the egr and a quick check of vacuum lines.
brought it to my mechanic then and he changed the vacuum lines as they
wer perished and his diagnostics brought up a fault code for a boost pressure sensor so i changed that but still no power!

also got a fault code P1125 which is something to do with throttle body actuator. it was also cleaned and after fitting the code didnt come back.

a couple of days later i found it impossible to start the car and the only way i could start the car was by disconnecting the egr or blanking it. (still no power with egr blanked)

does anybody will blanking the egr put the car into limp mode?

also does anyone know will a blocked DPF cause a huge loss in power and cause the car to be hard started??

thanks in advance
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