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Possible trade for head, engine head that is...

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Looking for a spare head with valves, cams optional for a 1996 2.0l turbo.

Cash is way tight, construction trade hasn't been booming lately so I'm hoping someone would consider a trade....

I've got 4 DI's, about 6 ecu's, a couple good of t-25's, two complete intake manifold assemblies, starters, pumps, ACC controllers, SIDs, OEM DP and rear boxes, interior stuff, seat leather.... list goes on

PM if you might be interested.

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I'll add that I can flash the spare ECUs (both 16 and 20mhz boxes, most have CSI chips) with a bin that you supply or do an stage1-3 easy tune for ya.
Is it regarding T7 suite?
Yup, I'm using Tx Suite like everyone else on the planet. Have both BDM and CAN up and running. But sorry, all the boxes I have are T5.
I have my spare T7 box and I have 2.0 head I could trade you for a tune, could you do Viggen stage 1 tune?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts