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Possible trade for head, engine head that is...

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Looking for a spare head with valves, cams optional for a 1996 2.0l turbo.

Cash is way tight, construction trade hasn't been booming lately so I'm hoping someone would consider a trade....

I've got 4 DI's, about 6 ecu's, a couple good of t-25's, two complete intake manifold assemblies, starters, pumps, ACC controllers, SIDs, OEM DP and rear boxes, interior stuff, seat leather.... list goes on

PM if you might be interested.

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No PM in inbox FYI

Let me know if we can work something out.

FLASH ECU's to sweeten the deal a bit

I'll add that I can flash the spare ECUs (both 16 and 20mhz boxes, most have CSI chips) with a bin that you supply or do an stage1-3 easy tune for ya.
Yup, I'm using Tx Suite like everyone else on the planet. Have both BDM and CAN up and running. But sorry, all the boxes I have are T5.

Haven't worked on a T7 yet. If you have a bin that you want flashed or a stage 1-3 "easy tune" I can do that.
I'll do some reading and get caught up on T7's.

If you want send your spare box up to me and I'll bring it down when I pick up the transmission.

1 - 5 of 9 Posts