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Possible Radiator Issue

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About 2 weeks ago my check engine light came on. I promptly took the car into the local Saab Specialty Shop. They said the CPU is reading that the Engine Temperature Sensor has gone bad but that it wasn't endangering anything as long as the engine thermometer was still working, and it is.

However, just last night my car was idling outside when steam starting coming from under the hood. I got out and there was a large amount of fluid on the ground (water, I think) just inside the drivers side tire.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone and if anyone has experience with the bad temperature sensor I am wondering about how much it would cost to repair before I take it in.

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Sounds like a good old fashioned thermostat issue (might be the cause or the consequence of the failed senor). If you trust your indy shop, have them replace it and maybe check out the thermostat. This is barring any other obvious issues (radiator or cap leaking, etc.).

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Just wanted to follow up incase this happens to anyone else. It was definitely the Thermostat that was the problem, Radiator, Hoses, Water Pump etc all checkout and I'm super happy about that! So, a bad thermostat will make your check engine light come on and cause an overflow of coolant fluid to the engine because of the Thermostat malfunction.

Cost to replace the Thermostat was $160 incl tax (9.6% WA)

1.25 hrs of labor was about $85
$31.50 for the new Thermostat
Coolant flush, disposal and replacement coolant fluid: $30

From what I've read now it might be worth doing this repair on your own...
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