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Possible correlations between Distributor firing order and injector fuel leak?

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Hello folks,

My recent purchase, non running C900S 16V 1986 sedan automatic still giving me a lot to think about.

After a lengthy headgasket repair, new radiator installation and finally distributor hall issue, I was able to crank the engine a few days ago.

Although not firing up, at least I discovered a fuel leak at injector no.1

Afraid I didn't set injectors correctly I removed the rail again (done already once initially during headgasket repair) and swapped injectors.

Cranking it up again next day, same issue. Fuel leak at piston 1 injector.
Coincident or could there be an electrical issue?

Attached photo of current distributor cap firing order setup, I know it's not like the Bentley manual but cables appear to have been rigged this way.

Have found already other electrical issues in this car, so I am not sure if this setup is how it should be.

Just wondering if there could be a relationship between maybe wrong firing order and fuel leak.

Anyhow I will try to get a injector rebuild kit today.

Thanks guys.