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I was going to do a few hours of overtime at work this morning, shift started at 7am. Usually it takes me 15 mins to get there. We just got 6" of snow overnight, so I knew I had to give myself extra time today. I backed out of my garage at 6:00 and as I was shifting into drive...I got stuck. So I tried to back up some more, find a new track stuck again. After a couple attempts, I finally wedged free and reached the exit of my subdivision. As I tried to pull out onto a major road...yes, you can guess what happened again. Mind you, by this time, it's 6:20. I hadn't traveled 1/4th of a mile yet.

After I FINALLY made it out and drove for about a mile in manual mode on the Sentronic, I was passed by 4 other cars, two of them SUV's and two of them 1990's-era cars. The only thing more embarrasing than being passed by older, crappy cars in the snow is probably having your umbrella flip inside out during a rainstorm. ;oops: I was so frustrated by the neverending stretch of snow/ice that I decided to turn around and head back home. The hassle wasn't worth the overtime pay for me.

I remember reading previous posts from 2003 and 2004 owners that the OEM tires sucked, but since my car was new during our last huge snowstorm, I had no problems and I thought, "these tires are fine to me!" Well after only 27K miles (and lots of treadlife left), I'm ready to look for some new ones! I hope we got enough snow for the rest of the winter!

Just my rant.
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