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PIAA H-3 Foglight Bulbs

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I have an 2007 Aero with Xenons and I'm looking for replacement bulbs for my fogs. I had used PIAA's on my 2003 and liked them. Anybody here using PIAA foglight bulbs? I'm looking for the nearest match to the xenon headlight bulbs. I know about the HID Bulb Kits and I prefer to use "regular bulbs". BTW I did search; but, found nothing about PIAA bulbs. Here is a link for what is available:

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Totally agree!!! Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I'm going to probably get those Hoen highbeam bulbs later. Drove around last night and was really impressed by the way they light up the side view to improve my peripheral vision.

Thanks Again Bud
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