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PIAA H-3 Foglight Bulbs

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I have an 2007 Aero with Xenons and I'm looking for replacement bulbs for my fogs. I had used PIAA's on my 2003 and liked them. Anybody here using PIAA foglight bulbs? I'm looking for the nearest match to the xenon headlight bulbs. I know about the HID Bulb Kits and I prefer to use "regular bulbs". BTW I did search; but, found nothing about PIAA bulbs. Here is a link for what is available:

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Is durability an issue with the PIAA's?
I currently have PIAA extreme whites (H3's) in my Beretta and they're great bulbs, not sure on the color match though for the Saab.

As far as durability, I've always had atleast 1 burn out per each pair in less than a year. Of course, vibration and ride quality on the Beretta may be a factor, it's not as smooth as the 9-3.

On a positive note though, tirerack is pretty hassle free on the warranty, if you're under a year, you call them, give your phone number on your account and they let you ship them back, and CREDIT you the purchase price (or atleast they always did for me.)

(I wouldn't suggest you do anything unsavory or grey area, but the package for the bulbs doesn't have a date on it, if you know what I mean. So if you miss the warranty date and you happened to order another pair...)

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