1999 Saab 9-3, Automatic, 2.0 Turbo
Owned since 6/2018 and has a clean title

I recently bought another Saab, same year and model, so it is time to part with.
This was my 5th Saab 900/9-3 daily driver. I bought it with 139,000 miles and currently has 166,300. I just drove it down and back to Milwaukee at 77mph without issue.

• Turbo spools up nicely.
• Starts up great on the coldest of Minnesota’s winters. Has hot heat.
• Body has only a few spot of rust on the rear wheel wells.
• Safe car qualifies me for a safety discount on my car insurance.
• Leather seats (better than 90% of other Saabs of this era)
• Sunroof
• Rare Cosmic Blue paint - plus a can brand new spray can (was going to fix the rust)

Things I have done since I bought it:
• added Saab upgraded amp and door speakers
• better seats ( and switched driver and passenger for better driver seat)
• new spark plugs
• new fuel pump
• new front wheel bearings
• new front control arms
• new flex exhaust pipe
• new flex section welded to down pipe
• new front pads
• new high pressure power steering hose
• new master brake cylinder

Does not have:
• AC (was weak when I bought it and never charged it)
• heated seats gave up the ghost before my time
• side view mirror switch

Currently Needs
• hood is peeling
• rear struts to hold up the hatch ( I use a piece of wood)