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Where do you guys buy Saab parts? I'm sitting at a dealership. My 2011 95 with only 22,000 miles needs new rotors and pads. They will cost 1200.00 here. There must be a better place to buy those parts than a Saab dealership. I mean, the original parts only lasted 22,000 miles. Napa ought to last longer than that. Any ideas?

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Saab (Orio AB) Official Service Centers and Affiliated Retail Parts Websites
SaabSite (an SC Site Vendor) OE and aftermarket parts - not a service center. Saabsite, formerly Protech1, was an independently owned online retailer that was purchased by Orio, AB in August of 2014.
Flow Saab (aka Flow Motors) dba (an SC Site Vendor) OE
Orio Auto Parts (an SC Site Vendor) - Orio AB official site
Jim Ellis Saab - - OE
Mitchell Saab - - OE
Hendrick Saab - - OE
Hendrick Saab - - OE
Saab USA Parts - OE
Jaremko Saab - - OE
Tom's Trucks - - OE
Saab of Troy - - OE
Charles River Saab - - OE
Scanwest Autosport - - OE
Patrick Motors - - OE
Saab of Houston / Viking Automotive - - OE

Other Saab parts retailers (not affiliated with Orio AB):
Eeuroparts (an SC Site Vendor) OE and aftermarket
PartsForSaabs (UK) (an SC Site Vendor) OE & aftermarket, including performance
RockAuto (an SC Site Vendor) OE & aftermarket

There are others.

Aftermarket Performance Vendors supporting SAAB:
JZW Tuning (US) (an SC Site Vendor)
do88 (Svenska, with distributors everywhere in the world) (an SC Site Vendor) (Saab-specific silicone hose kits, accessories, Intercoolers, etc.)
Parts For Saabs (Europe - sells replacement parts and some performance parts) (An SC Site Vendor)
Genuine Saab (Taliaferro Imports) (US) - (Taliaferro Imports) (US) former SAAB dealer also supplies OE parts
Brew City Boost (US)
Abbott Racing (UK)
MapTun (Svenska)
Nordic Tuning (Svenska)
BSR (Svenska)
Hirsch Performance (Switzerland)
VTuner (USA)
Swede-Fleet Tuning (USA)
MikeD Tuning (USA)
Tuning by MPS (USA)
Viva Performance (USA)
BoostCustoms (USA)
SpeedParts (Svenska)
Smokey's Dyno & Performance (USA)
RBM Performance (France)
State of Nine (USA - accessories and some performance parts)
Black-Top Tuning (The Netherlands)
Noob Tune (UK)
A-Z Performance (Hungary)
Sachs (Germany) (uprated performance clutch kits for F35 and F40 trans)
ClutchNet (USA) (uprated performance clutch kits for F35 and F40 trans)
TWM Performance (Canada) (short shifter F35 and F40 trans)
Billet Pro Shop (BPS) (Canada) (short shifter F35 and F40 trans)
MTech (The Netherlands) (V-Shift for F40 transmissions)
X8R (UK) (PTFE bush bearing to replace nylon bushing in the gear turret pivot for F40 transmissions)
Pedal Commander (US) (adjustable pedal position sensor to improve throttle response)
Sprint Booster (Greece, with direct sales operations in USA) (adjustable pedal position sensor to improve throttle response)
Pedal Box (Germany) (adjustable pedal position sensor to improve throttle response)
Ultra Racing Products (strut braces)
Simons (Svenska) (ss performance exhausts)
PowerGrid (USA) (adjustable sway bar links)
CardYourCar (Germany) (interior and exterior styling)
Tuning Style (Belarus) (exterior styling)
eSID 2 (wireless OBD2 port dongle that converts your SID into, well, much more than a mere SID)

There are more.

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Just curious...are new rotors and pads at 22km for a 9-5 typical? That is crazy high wear versus my 9-3. I can see why you are looking for less expensive options. I wish you well.
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