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Looking for a check over my parts list for front strut replacement. In particular, nuts or bushings I am missing that likely need replaced. Tires are cupping and struts are original (155k miles). 2007 Aero Combo (v6). Suspension code 64.

-struts (Bilstein b4) 22140067 $74 rockauto
-strut bearings (ina) 13270705 ($12) RmEuro
-spring supports (zinc?) 12798466 ($10) RmEuro
-sway bar links (Meyle) 13237130 ($14) RmEuro
-tierod ends (moog) ES800409 ($26) they're not too bad, but I thought why not.

Just purchased the car. Slight vibration in driver front wheel with clunk every now and then when I hit a bump. Vibration starts at low speed and more exaggerated at high speed. Some transfer into the steering wheel.

Here is my roundabout way of diagnosing what's wrong.

  • Changed brakes and rotors (needed them anyway; no vibration in pedal).
  • Changed to new snow tires mounted and balanced on different rims.
  • Got an alignment (as I figured it would need it after replacing steering components) which came back fine.
  • No play in wheel bearing (6&12oclock check).
  • No play in inner or outer tie rod (3 and 9oclock check with boot moved up to feel the inner joint).
  • Broke down and took it to an independent shop. Said they couldn't feel anything wrong (probably cause the roads suck in winter) and that the steering and suspension seemed fine; but the front driver tire has chop and the struts look original, but there is no leaking).
Strange that the new winter tires would develop chop in 3wks.

Other suggestions would be helpful. Considered a bent hub, if that's even possibly but my mechanic didn't seem like that was likely. To restate, vibration appears with two sets of tires and wheels. Some typical corrosion on the hub flange but nothing unusual.
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