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PFS came back with:

Your Quote:
Reference : XXXXXXXX Part Name/Description

Part number PFS Price (each , incl VAT ) Qtyball joint5237516 £28.622Additional Comments:

At the moment we only have aftermarket ball-joints for the 98-01 9-5, so I have quoted for the genuine saab ball joint. However we will be adding the aftermarket 02 onwards ball-joint to the site in the next few weeks. Nb - I would advise you to phone us up before buying so that we can check the year of your car with your chassis number (YS3...) - it is often the case that model year and manufacture year differ by one.

Sub-Total (excl VAT) :
£48.72Ship to XXXXXX, Scotland:£6.86VAT at 17.5%:£9.73
Total Cost to your Door:


Think i'll wait around to see how much the aftermarket 02+ ball joint comes in at.
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