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Hi guys, I am parting with my 9-5 I have been with it for about 2 years now, I bought it at 156k and it now has 205k. I have had a lot of problem in the past, and finally got the car up working nice and smooth. It's modified Stage 1. Modded with 3" DP from Lou's Custom Exhaust, and also dual tip exhaust, I have installed new brakes (Slotted) with Akebono full ceramic pads. Known issue right now, is the 08 Code on the ACC unit, The heat works but not that great.

I have Boost and A/F guages installed. Recently bought new tires less than a month ago for the front wheels. Currently have 17" ASA rims on the car, with some road rash. I am asking $1500 for the car, I have put way more money into getting this car, the make it run the way it's running now. I just had it checked out at the dealership, and they said the car is running in great shape for a 2000 with that many miles. I will post some pictures of the vehicle later on. Also, the vehicle is a LPT, that has been upgraded with a TD04 Turbo, also the aero spoiler in the front and aero side skirts. New springs and front struts has been installed. I have used aero springs in the rear, all of this has been installed in the last 2 months. Also, Have 8000K HID and GS Foglights.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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