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Name: Benjamin

Location - additional details: Jacksonville, Florida (No not storm damage, car was high and dry)

Means of contact: Here, email ([email protected]) or text ((618) 503-0209)

Price: 0-1500 (Make me an offer per part (consider my time), will ship most items including seats at your expense)

Transmission Type (auto/manual): Auto

Mileage (miles/kms): 170k miles

Description: I have a 2000 Saab 9-5 wagon with the turbo v6, black, black leather. Interior is in excellent condition other than cracked dash fascia and wear and tear on it. Heated and cooled seats.

Recent / notable parts:

  • AC Blower motor (12 months old)
  • Cargo Cover
  • Cargo Net
  • Good Spare Tire
  • 2 year old headlights
  • silicon hoses
  • filters are all recent

Timing belt snapped I think, I've had it long enough it's not worth the repair cost I believe. let me know what you need. Only stuff I can't sell are wheels as I need it to be a roller to send to yard when parts are off it.

I can post some pictures later if anyone needs. Please let me know what you need and what you're offering.
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