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Recent engine work only to discover a rod knock.
Mileage - 105K miles
Exterior - Sun Green Metallic Clearcoat, code 273.
Interior - Medium Gray

Everything on the car is in good condition, with the exception of the engine. I will begin pulling parts this weekend and posting a link for pictures. Everything is for sale, however some parts have already been spoken for. If any deals fall through I will re-list the items. Once dismantled, if I find damage to parts that you've requested I will let you know.

Contact me via Private Message (PM) and provide your email address and zip code. I will send quotes via email with pictures early the week of April 5.

Spoken For
Saab Information Display (SID), perfect, no missing pixels
Automatic Climate Control (ACC)
Alternator (new)
Serpentine Belt (new)
Timing Tensioner (new)
Water Pump (new)
Timing Belt (new)
Timing Idler Pulley (new)
Fog Light, Drivers Side
Passenger Seat Control Frame
Exterior Mirror, Passenger Side
Fog Light, Passenger Side
Tail lights, not sure which ones... Ivan (need clarification)
Headlight, Passenger Side

1,081 Posts
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How much for 2 rear tail lights? very left and right on the trunk
There are 4 lens assemblies on the back. 2 on frame, 2 on tailgate. The left one on the tailgate has water damage from a leak.
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