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I recently replaced the rear rotors and pads on my '92 900s. I have been having some trouble previously with the parking brake not holding the car, which I attributed to low pads. Anyway, with the Bentley manual in hand I had new rotors and pads in about 3 hours.

However, I noticed that now my parking brake was locking up on the tires, more so on the drivers side. I tried readjusting the 4mm piston adjusting screw, but they still locked on. The lever on the caliper moves fine, I lubed it up with some WD40 and some silicone lub spray.

This past weekend I went about trying to replace the parking brake cables. I got the center console off and noticed that both adjusting nuts that go on the end of the parking brake cables were hanging loose out of the pivot pin. So I pulled the handbrake and they slid in the slots and tightened the cables, as is expected. But when I pushed down on it the nuts just slipped out of the pivot pin, thus not pressing on the cables and releasing the lever at the caliper.

So whats going on here? Is the cable stuck/seized somewhere and that's why it's pushing the adjusting nut out? Or do I need new adjusting nuts? Should there be some other nut on the other side of the pivot pin? I'm thinking this is the problem to my brakes, because my calipers looked good and the lever was working fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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