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Painting the engine

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Due to laziness and extreme heat (its 98F right now @ 5:30), I have not yet reinstalled the head on my car, which I had taken off for head gasket replacement. So while I still have it off, I was thinking about painting it.

I know some people here have painted their engines and I thought I would ask a few questions.

Does it actually hold up? I’ve painted some transmissions in the past and had them flaking and peeling within a few months, I’d rather have a plain metal engine than one that's got paint peeling off it.

Also has anyone used the brand, Dupli-Color Engine Enamel with Ceramic? Its rated at 500deg which should be more than enough for a head since it shouldn't get much over 200 deg.

I was thinking about going with the typical red, but then I thought why not paint it blue to match the blue in the emblem?

What do you guys (and girls if applicable) think of this? Its a white car. I kind of half like the idea and kind of half don’t like it.

Cheers, :D
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