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I had a strange occurrence with my '02 9-5 Linear this weekend that I figured I'd tell you all about.

I was on the highway here in NH, doing about 75, in 5th gear with the cruise control on when I lost power and had to pull over. When I pulled over the car just died. Doing research on here, I thought that it was the DIC. I called someone and they were able to take me to a junkyard where I was able to pull a new DIC off of an '07 9-5 Aero that had been hit in the front. The DIC still looked brand new.

I took it back to my car and installed it, and when I started my car, the idle was fluctuating wildly and it would stall out within a few seconds. I got the car towed back home, this time figuring that it was a vacuum line. I plugged in an ODB2 reader and got only the P1300 code. I took the cover off of the engine to look at the throttle body and started checking all of the lines. When I took the intake pipe off, the outlet from the intercooler came off with it. It turns out that the hose clamp that holds the hose on the intercooler had corroded and snapped and the boost pressure popped the hose off. I replaced the hose clamp, put the hose back on the intercooler, cleared the P1300 code, and started my car with the ODB2 reader still attached. After running it for 15 minutes and taking it for a test drive, everything now checks out perfectly. As an added bonus, with the new DIC, it's running better than before.
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