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P1213 - Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion

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please help.

The check engine light come on my yr 2000 95 2.3t, I retrieved the OBD II code which is P1213, and it shows "Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion".

The light is been on/off for the last 2 week now and wonder what it's mean, and what part is need to be repaired or services.

Any input will be appreciated.

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Thats the problem with generic code readers i'm afraid. You will need to get it put on a Tech II for a proper diagnostic.
Let us know how you get on, Tech II will probably phrase the fault totally differently to a generic code reader.
Definately a DIY job, takes 15 mins tops. What is it with American dealers wanting to charge a grand for a DI? Do they wear masks and carry guns, cos they are a bunch of robbers in my book! :evil: Our site sponsors can get you a DI and plugs pretty quickly...somebody in the US mentioned a DI was about $320 recently, plugs are probably about $15. Instructions as follows...
1. remove the four torx screws holding the DI to the engine
2. undo the electrical connection on the right hand end of the DI
3. remove DI
4. remove spark plugs using a plug socket/spanner
5. put new plugs in gapped at 1.1mm
6. connect the plug to the new DI
7. replace 4 torx screws
8. leave DI for 10-15 mins to allow the fluid in the wells to run to the bottom BEFORE CRANKING THE ENGINE.

Work time 15 time 15 mins, then start her up. Total labour cost zip. :cheesy:​
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0.38 sounds about right, i've got a new set of NGK's and they are all pre-gapped spot on to 1.1mm.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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