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P1213 - Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion

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please help.

The check engine light come on my yr 2000 95 2.3t, I retrieved the OBD II code which is P1213, and it shows "Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion".

The light is been on/off for the last 2 week now and wonder what it's mean, and what part is need to be repaired or services.

Any input will be appreciated.

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I cant find that code listed, sorry :confused:
Does anyone fancy doing a photo tutorial on DI and plug changing? It would be quite helpful as a sticky ;)
Finn said:
I will be changing plugs when I get back from France in a couple of weeks, so I could do one then.. :)
Thanks Finn, that would be great ;)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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