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P1213 - Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion

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please help.

The check engine light come on my yr 2000 95 2.3t, I retrieved the OBD II code which is P1213, and it shows "Start Injector Circuit Mulfuntion".

The light is been on/off for the last 2 week now and wonder what it's mean, and what part is need to be repaired or services.

Any input will be appreciated.

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Thanks Chris and Kermit,

Ok, will let dealer to check it. by the way, base one OBD II, the code P1213 also indicate

* Injector Circuit Cyls. 16 Short To B+
* Cyl.1-Fuel Inj.Circ. Short to B+

The Saab dealer stated the P1312 fault code is “due to Combustion Detection cyl 1,2” and they suggest to replace the DI cassette and the spark plug for $1000.

This is a yr 2000 95 2.3L with 46K miles on it, and the DI had been replaced at 25K, and wonder if DI need to be replaced every 20K miles?

Anyhow, this is what my options are:

1. Bite the bullet, Let the dealer to replace it for $1000.

2. Let independent mechanic to do it, does anyone know a good Saab mechanic in Dallas Texas area?

3. Buy the DI and Spark plug online and fix it myself.

I found a DIY link about replacing the DI cassette at and spark plug at

What do your guys suggest? My entire car repairs go to the shop so far, wonder if this is DIY thing and what kind of things that I need to be aware?

Thanks for the information….
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Thanks Everyone,

I will go ahead and order it online then. :D
what is the electorde gap for the 95?

will 1.1 mm is the same as 0.04 inch in US?

also, I bought a gauge which only have 0.038 or 0.051, so should I use the 0.038?

Thanks again for the help.
I replaced both the DI and Spark plugs this morning, afterward test drive the car and it seem run allright, hopefully the CEL will not reappear again.

by the way, I ordered the DI from for $309.90 and get it shipped in 3 days.

Thanks for all your help. :)
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