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Hello everyone,
Just want to post my fix for a OBD code P1141 on my 2000 Saab 9-3 with B205.
Had Check Engine Light on and was told at Autozone "Heater circuit current being too low on post cat sensor".
After reading endless posts on this and some other web sites it turned out to be a wiring to the post-cat O2 sensor. It was getting hot by being too close to the exhaust and then rubbing against it. Eventually the insulation wears through and the heater wiring shorts.
Tried to fix it by covering wires with tape but I guess it was like that for too long and sensor got shot. So I went to local junk yard and puled sensor of 2000 Saab 9-5 (I used pre-cat one). Wire was a little short and I had to modify connector a bit (cut one tab) but it worked out just fine.
I could of just buy a new one from Ebay for like 25$ but didn't want to wait for it and wasn't 100% sure that O2 sensor is causing my CEL. Junk yard didn't charge me anything for it anyway so I'm happy with the result.
No CEL for 150 miles. Hope its gonna stay like that!!!
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