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Opinions Wanted on 1965 SAAB 96 Monte Carlo Value vs 1984 C900 Turbo

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It's been a LONG time, but I'm back, folks! I'm here to get some input on a couple options for classic SAABs I'm looking at. Although I usually don't like to do this, I'll probably cross-post this between this forum and the C900 forum. I appreciate your input, because I'm a little unplugged from current values and desirability. That's not the only reason I'm back into this, but it is a factor. ;) That said, here's the specimens I'm looking at:

It's a 1965 96 Monte Carlo, 4 speed, comes with spare parts. It's said to run great, have been garaged all its life, no rust, all that good stuff. I am currently verifying the odometer reading with the seller. I'm familiar enough with these to understand the unique challenges of owning and operating these. I'm sure parts can be a challenge as well. This is just going to be the car in storage, the car that goes out for a show or the occasional joy ride. It appears I'd be able to pick this up for $6,000 plus whatever it costs me to pick it up across state lines.

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The other is a 1984 C900 Turbo, 5 speed, with about 67,000 on it. It's been gone over well, shifts well, but it does have some known issues. The temp gauge doesn't work and it's not sure where the fault is, has general oil leaks, said to struggle with cold starts on occasion, rear brake squeal that might be calipers, and a tired AC compressor. The other wear is on the inside, the usual dash cover stuff, leather seat wear, some exterior wear but nice overall. It does come with some spare parts and a Bentley manual. The original ask was a fair bit higher, but I'm under the impression that I should be able to get it for about the same price as the 96 above, between $5500 and $6500.

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96 is way cool, but condition of a 50 year old car is a question. There are good 900's out there, there are very few 96's.
You can't really compare or say one is better than the other. They are too different. If you are buying as an investment, auto's are a very poor bet.
I have a 900, I would love to have a two stroke also, but the 900 is a useable car, a 96 would be a show and local car only
Thank you for your insight. That's a very good point you make.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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