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I am looking for one or both DIC's for the 3.0L V6 model. I dont want them to work because I dont want to pay for working ones when mine work fine. I just need the black plastic housing that screws on the back of the DIC.

When my radiator blew last year and toasted my motor, My DIC's were somewhat melted to the old spark plugs. I managed to clean them off, fill the cracks with rtv-blue silicone and electical tape around it and they worked.

However now I am replacing my spark plugs and am kinda scared to pull out my DIC's to see how its help up for the past year, and if it needs to be worked on, I would rather buy the proper unit than jimmy rig it again.

SO once again, My DIC's work fine, just need the housing on the back if anyone has an old set layin around
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