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ok so a week ago i posted a comment about more speed out of my new car, 2000 reg 93 s turbo and ws told not much more to do as i have abbotts map and bigger exhaust dump and viggin intercooler.

after having a engine cleaning day on my new car i notice the lower charge pipe leading to the intercooler had a split in it so quick visit to scrappy and 2 quid later (bargain) i was fitting my second hand pipe on took it for a drive an wow the speed is amazing i was running 5 psi at tops now on full load in 3rd im running over 18 psi and all i done was repair the pipe should it be as quick as this and boosting this much i heard 14.5 was the most advised but 15.5 can be handled what should i do it seems to be fine and you cant hear pinking ( if u no what i mean) on hight revs under load.

if anyone is in colchester or essex and is happy to have a look id appreciate it as i cant afford to go to a garage atm as im out of work.

even advice is good
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