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So, I paid over $10.00 CDn for a quart of mobil 1 synthetic here, have searched and had a look a the posts regarding oil, have a chance to get Penziol full synthetic, 5 liters fo under $20 , but haven't seen it referenced , only mobil and amsoil as far as recommneded on the posts I'veseen...should I not consider the penzoil for some reason?


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Here's a great Oil thread over in the 9-3 forum. Give it a good read.

Here's some high points... (I personnally run the Rotella T Synth 5W40)

Brian's Recommended Oils for T7 SAABs
  • AMSOIL Euro Formula 5W40
  • Shell Rotella T Synth 5W40
  • Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic 10W30
  • Valvoline Synpower 5W40
  • Valvoline Synpower 20W50
  • Castrol Syntec 0W30 (only available at Autozone)
  • Castrol Syntec 5W40
  • Castrol Syntec 10W40
  • Castrol Syntec 5W50
  • LubroMoly VollSynthese 5W40
  • Mobil1 0W40
  • Mobil1 15W50 EP
  • Mobil1 High Mileage 10W40
  • Mobil1 TurboDiesel 5W40
  • Mobil Delvac1 5W40 (mainly at truckstops)
  • Pennzoil Platinum Euro Formula 5W40 (hard to find)
  • Redline 5W30
  • Redline 5W40
  • Redline 10W30
  • Redline 10W40

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You can probably get Esso XD3 Synthetic 0W-30 and 0W-40 from your local Esso bulk dealer. Wonderful oil at a bargain price (under $5/l) intended for commercial/agricultural use but you'll need to buy 12l at a time. Wouldn't use it on a car with warranty remaining since it doesn't have the ACEA A3/B3 certification, but oil tests at show it to be equivalent.

This is a Canada-only product.

I'm using the 0w-30 year round.

1999 9-3 4dr/hardtop 275K
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So Shell Rotella T synthetic 5W40 not ACEA A3 certified?

(I'm new at the Saab oil obsession so cut me some slack) But Shell Rotella T synthetic 5W40 is not ACEA A3 certified, right?
I wanted to use Rotella Synthetic 5W40 for my 99-93t (204b) because the price is great but when I went to the Shell web site the tech there had a web posting reponding to a question and the Shell Tech said "no, not ACEA A3 certified" I also didn't see anything about "seal conditioners" whatever those are.
So what am I missing? Here's the post:

Re: Is Rotella synthetic right for me? NinesMagazine NinesMagazine
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Posts: 9 To be specific, what of the references made by TechExpert about the potential for the higher phosphorous content in Rotella T for "poisoning" the catalytic converter? Recent cars with OBD II specifically measure catalytic converter efficiency (by comparing the output of oxygen sensors beforer and after the converter), and when the cat goes, the "check engine" light comes on.OTOH, Saabs' oil consumption is unmeasurable by usual means (dipstick) throughout a 5000 mile change interval, so how much phosphorus could be getting through?
Saab's most recent recommendation is for 5W-30, 0W-30, or 5W-40, Semi or full synthetic and fulfill grade reqiurements for ACEA A3/B3, API SJ or hgher. I would dearly love to take advantage of RotellaT Syn's properties, but not at the risk of ruining the cat. TechExpert

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Posts: 357 The answer to whether to use ROTELLA T Synthetic SAE 5W-40 in your gasoline engine can be found in your owner's manual, where the engine maker specifies what quality oil to use.

ROTELLA T Synthetic is a universal oil, meeting API Service Categories CH-4 for diesel engines, and SL for gasoline engines. Where the engine manufacturer recommends oil meeting either one (or both) of these Service Categories, or earlier categories, ROTELLA T can be a good choice. However, ROTELLA T does not meet all the requirements of ILSAC GF-1, GF-2 and GF-3 standards, sometimes specified for gasoline engine oils (in addition to API SL). These additional standards deal with fuel economy, and also limit phosphorus content (an element in all engine oils, but usually at a higher concentration in diesel oils). Phosphorus can affect catalyst activity in some exhaust emission control systems.

If your manual specifies only API SL (or earlier designation), then the catalyst is likely not sensitive to higher levels of phosphorus. If it also specifies ILSAC standards, using ROTELLA T may risk some catalyst activity loss. The ACEA A3/B3 standards do not limit phosphorus content.
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