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Oil Light Flickers at Normal Operating Temps

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Greetings Saab enthusiast,
I have been driving Saab's for five years now and have owned two so far. The first a 1995 NG 900S 2.3L and a 1999 Saab 9-3 SE T5 management (have owned for two years).
About 9 months ago my oil light began flickering after the car was at normal operating temperature and at idle. I don't do a whole lot of driving (about 15 miles a day) so my engine doesn't always arrive to the normal operating temperature. But when I do, after a while of driving the light flickers. This happens faster as the outside temperature heats up. Today this happened and managed to get home. I left the car on while the oil light flickered and the chime going off so I could check the engine. The engine was running perfect even though the oil light came on.
Can anyone give me some insight or have the same problem occurring? I am very meticulous and below is a relative list of replaced parts.

Replaced & checked parts:
1. Oil pump and seals
2. Oil changed EVERY 3000 miles with Quaker State full syn. 10W-30 along with oil filter
3. Oil pressure switch
4. Checked and cleaned PCV check valve & PCV nipple
5. Cleaned IAC valve
6. Lightly cleaned throttle body

Thanks for any input guys. And I will be posting a video soon on youtube to show the issue.
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10w30 is too thin....bump it up to 40wt and watch your light go away.......sounds like it might be time to drop your pan and clean the screen.
well if its a new pan, I would just say get a thicker oil.......the general consensus is that 30wt is way too thin.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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