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Wondering if anyone could point out a fix for an oil leak I’ve recently discovered.
Attached pictures:
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Bumper

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Leg Motor vehicle
After degreasing the underside of the engine, I discovered the leak weeping from a small hole in this gasket. (I’m not sure what this gasket is for)

It started trickling out slowly immediately after cleaning, and I have noticed hand sized drops on the floor after running the car.

Is it suitable to use a gasket maker/ sealant here to fix this?

I have also checked the power steering gasket, valve cover gasket and oil pump O ring, they are all fine.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as my current car is my two legs while it’s in this condition!

My vehicle is a SAAB 93 manual 2.0T convertible 2005
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