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Oil change now smoke from filler

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Car is an '02 Aero with 68k. Just did an oil change with Rotella T 5W40 fully synthetic oil to get ready for a road trip tomorrow, and after I got done, I fired the car up, went to check the oil level, and there are small wisps of smoke coming from the oil filler when I take the cap off. What gives? Just condensation? Or a more ominous problem I discovered at a bad time?

Also, am I checking my oil level properly? With the car off, take the dipstick and just read the level the oil is at on the little bulb at the base? Its about 2/3 of the way up the bulb. I always assumed that was the proper level.

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You really need to let the car sit for a while before checking the oil level, I think I've read here that 1/2 hour is enough to let all of the oil drain down from the top end of the engine to get a proper read. I usually just check my oil first thing in the morning before going anywhere. How much oil did you add when replacing?
Whenever I hear that smoke is coming from the oil fill tube, for me, it would be cause for immediate concern. It sounds like you've read somewhere here that seeing "vapor" of some type when the dipstick is removed and the car is running is normal. I've not read that post anywhere.

When others have reported smoke coming from the oil fill tube it has typically meant that their engines are sludged, their oil pickup screen is clogged and the damage has been done.

Unless you know the exact history of your car, you should make sure you have the latest PCV update and make sure your sump is clean and your oil pickup screen is spotless.
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