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3rd analysis. Nothing out of the ordinary except to prove to the naysayers that I can go probably 15,000 mi. or more on the M1 if I wanted to. I went over 17,000 mi. on my 03' with excellent results as well. This was posted in

"Car is a 2006 Saab 9-3 SportCombi Aero that has the 2.8L V6 Turbo and 6 speed auto. Factory hp is 250 hp and 258 lb. torque however I "tuned" it and is now 295 hp and 340 lb. torque--lots of power.
Car was bought new in April 2007. First oil change was done in May 2007 with about 3700 miles on the oil but I didn't do an analysis.

3rd column is latest with 10,060 on the oil 77,200 mi. on car. So first column was at 13,700; 2nd 55,200; and 3rd 77,200.

10,140; 12,120; 10,060 oci's for column 1,2,3. All M1 0W 40.

Aluminum: 5, 4, 3
Chromium: 2, 2, 3
Iron: 36, 12, 18
Copper: 21, 2, 3
Lead: 5, 0, 2
Tin: 0, 0, 4
Molybdenum: 86, 81, 83
Nickel: 0, 0, 0
Manganese: 4, 1, 1
Silver: 0, 0, 0
Titanium: 0, 0, 0
Potassium: 6, 2, 3
Boron: 79, 131, 98
Silicon: 78, 9, 11
Sodium: 8, 34, 29
Calcium: 2649, 2340, 2618
Magnesium: 39, 16, 13
Phosphorus: 745, 798, 819
Zinc: 946, 983, 987
Barium: 0, 0, 0
Fuel: <.5, <.5, <.5
Viscosity: 65.4, 63.8, 65.6
Water - 0.0, 0.0, 0.0
Antifreeze - 0, ?, ?
TBN - 5.2, 4.7, 3.6
Insolubles - 0.3, 0.3, .3
Flashpoint - 385°F, 390 F, 405 F
CST Viscosity- 11.72, 11.27, 11.78

Blackstone's comments on 2-28-10. Make up oil added was .5 quart.

DAVID: You used a shorter oil run this time around and wear is still looking good. Sodium decreased, which
is great to see. It could stand to come down more, but wear still looks okay so for now we'll just keep an eye
on it. Insolubles (oxidized solids due to heat, use, and blow-by) were low at 0.3%, showing good oil filtration.
Silicon increased a little bit but is still reading well within the normal range. With wear looking this good, we
think going up to 12,000 to 14,000 miles is feasible. The TBN read 3.6, plenty of active additive left.

Blackstone's comments on 4-8-09:

"DAVID: You ran this oil almost twice as long as what our universal averages are based on. But your engine
wear looks great. All of the wear metals we found read at or below those averages, which are based on
6,300 miles of oil use. We don't know what your secret is but you may want to patent it! The TBN was 4.7
showing lots of active additive left. Sodium may show a little coolant in the system, but we're not entirely
sure about that because with coolant we usually see potassium too. We'll know more when we see your next sample. Wear looks really good."

Comments from 8-10-07

"The high wear metals and silicon are not unusual finds in the oil from your new Saab. In fact, we would have been surprised if we didn't find them. The wear is high due to break-in of new parts, while silicon is from sealers and sand-casted parts. Universal averages show typical wear metals for oil from this engine after 5800 miles of use. We expect your engine will look that good after future oil changes. The TBN was 5.2, lots of active additive. 1.0 is too low. Try an ~5000-mile oil change to get rid of excess metals in the oil and check before trying to extend oil use."

These comments are pretty useless and generic it seems. Did they realize this is the second oil change? And what are they talking about universal averages of 5800 miles? Where do they come up with these figures? And extended oil use, factory interval is 10,000 miles."

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I've said it all along. Anything less than 10k is a waste. Good to see it backed up with data...again (I've seen your oil posts over the years and still no one believes you can go this long without a change.).
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