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oh oh, what have i done, clutch slave

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i just installed the new clutch kit and just after i finisned bleeding the slave. i clutched two times to verify slave working. the clutch felt good and all worked fine. all i needed to do was remove the tine spacer. had the wife press in on clutch while i removed spacer and i heard a pop like sound from slave and wife said clutch pedal went soft. shortly after i noticed fluid leaking from slave area.

i've certainly lost the seal. question is, have i done something wrong or was slave bad. at anyrate i'ms certain i need to take it apart again and the spacer is still in the cover plate with splines in. this is good.

any advice welcome here.

thanks, chris.
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Take it all out again while it is compressed and rebuild your slave, its over travelled and popped out of its seating/working range, my c900 had done the very same and to get it out without the cover already compressed is a nightmare. I have read of a wat to prevent this but alas cant recall where, sorry
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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