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oh oh, what have i done, clutch slave

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i just installed the new clutch kit and just after i finisned bleeding the slave. i clutched two times to verify slave working. the clutch felt good and all worked fine. all i needed to do was remove the tine spacer. had the wife press in on clutch while i removed spacer and i heard a pop like sound from slave and wife said clutch pedal went soft. shortly after i noticed fluid leaking from slave area.

i've certainly lost the seal. question is, have i done something wrong or was slave bad. at anyrate i'ms certain i need to take it apart again and the spacer is still in the cover plate with splines in. this is good.

any advice welcome here.

thanks, chris.
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I had a read around when I did mine (searched and read a few threads on here), and the general consensus seems to be that hyper-extending the clutch in this way to remove the spacer isn't the best way as it might risk damaging the seals... At least you've still got the spacer in there so you can take the slave out and have a look, which I think would be a good idea. Matthew posted quite a comprehensive thread about clutches with several photos, which you should be able to find by doing a forum search.

You've probably done this already, but you could check that the clutch feed pipe hasn't sprung a leak somewhere, particularly at the flexible part near the slave, however the 'pop' noise does sound more like a seal going as you say.
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