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Location - additional details: Sacramento, CA

Means of contact: PM

Price: BO

Description: I have three stereos from OG 9-3s that I am done storing. I have no idea what sort of condition they are in. All three were removed pretty quickly after acquiring the cars they came from. I can say with reasonable confidence AM/FM works, I can say with 100% confidence I have never used the CD players, and I have no specific knowledge of whether the backlighting works. They have NOT been divorced from the cars they came from, but I have the source VINs so they can be reprogrammed with only minor hassle. Two of the three include their case - one does not.!AqwvoBt9ZBp2gpcRnxuDiRVTFJEc9Q

I also have (but it's not pictured) a CD changer that was originally with one of these stereos... same story - dunno if it works, it's not divorced but I have the VIN. A couple of the trays have minor damage.

Are these worth anything? I dunno. But before I turn them into e-waste I thought I would offer them here.

Give me a number that makes it worth my while to box them up and drop them off somewhere, and you pay shipping.

Sometime around the end of September - on my next run - they will go off to e-waste.
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